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Anita Selunda
Tukums municipality (Tukuma novada Dome)
Development Department
Pils ielā 18
Tukums 3101
Tel.: +37 163 122 707
Fax: +37 163 107 243
E-Mail: anita.selunda(at)

Tukums municipality

Role in project: Participant in WPs 2, 4, 5, 7 & 8

After administrative territorial reform of 2009, Tukums municipality united the town of Tukums and ten surrounding rural municipalities. The number of inhabitants of the new municipality is 33,680. The Department stimulates new ideas of cooperation, among them the development of sustainable local and regional food systems. Agricultural production and food processing are traditional branches of economy in the Tukums district. Participation in the FOODLINKS project will stimulate cooperation among farms, agricultural processing enterprises and public organizations towards production and consumption of more sustainable food. One of the primary tasks of the municipality is to promote varied and active entrepreneurship and competitive regional economy, in the meantime preserving a high quality habitat and environment. The FOODLINKS project will further activate coordination of collaboration among entrepreneurs, support development of new enterprises and new work places in emerging regional food production cluster. Promotion of exchange of information between municipality and entrepreneurs working in agri-food sector, as well as sharing experience with other municipalities involved in the project, will support intensification of knowledge exchange, mutual learning and innovation. We expect that this exchange will considerably diversify collaboration among local entrepreneurs, promote new kinds of businesses, support innovative environmental methods and products. It is major task of municipality to invigorate business environment to attract new investments and help new sustainable ways of production.

Profile of staff member working on the project: Anita Selunda, Head of the Development Department of Tukums municipality. She has extensive experience with territorial planning, elaboration and implementation of municipal development plans, communication with stakeholders, infrastructure and educational projects.